Travel Workouts

We just got back from a week in the Dominican and had a chance to relax and reset! We did have some time to put in some short workouts, but we didn't let them get in the way of beach time. 

Most resorts and hotels provide access to a gym or small workout facility, but you can even get a good sweat in your very own hotel room or outdoors!

Here are some example of travel workouts that are efficient and effective:

If you don't have access to a gym on site and it's too cold to venture outdoors, stick to bodyweight circuits in your room: For example:

25 burpees
20 bodyweight squats
15 jump squats
10 push ups
30s plank
Rest 60s and repeat AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes.

If the weather is nice and you're up for a little outdoor exercise, get creative and use props that you can find on the hotel grounds. For example:

25 step ups on a park bench
20 walking lunges
15 leg raises off any ledge
10 chair dips or bench dips
30s 90-degree wall sits
Rest 60s and repeat AMRAP in 20 minutes.

Other options while travelling include going for a jog on the beach, laps in the pool (no stops at the pool bar), stair climbs (if available) or get a group together for a game of beach volleyball. The options are endless!!