How Many Calories Are You Burning When You ...

My workout partner had a little too much sugar in her coffee this morning! Hoping you all get that extra pep in your step today!

PS - did you know dancing burns about 400 calories per hour? 

Here are some other fun things you can do at home that can also burn a little ... or a lot!

Cleaning the house

Yup, you got it! Sweeping the floor, cleaning the bathroom and washing the dishes can all add up to burn some calories without you even knowing it. You can burn over 300 calories in one hour keeping your house spotless. 

Sitting and playing with the kids

You can burn about 100 calories just kicking it with your children. That's pretty impressive!

Bathing the dog

Who knew? You can burn up to 170 calories just by giving your little fur baby a scrub. Get the kids invovled too!

Shop 'til you drop?

No way! You can burn close to 150 calories in an hour of shopping. No one is dropping with that kind of info in their back pocket.

Cooking dinner

This sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. You can burn close to 135 calories in the hour you take to prep and make dinner for the family. Skip ordering in sushi and make it yourself!!