Meditation For The Modern Mama

I've been insanely busy with my full-time job, No Tummy Mommy and day-to-day mommy duties that I just need to stop and take a breather. I am now making a promise to myself to set aside 5 minutes a day to meditate ... and believe all mothers can relate and benefit from just a few minutes of meditation each day.

As moms, I'm sure we all understand the importance of releasing stress so that we can be present and loving with our children and ourselves. Meditation can help recharge us and helps us get back to centre. I know you might be thinking it’s crazy to think you can find time to sit in silence to bring stillness to your mind, but let's just try starting with 5 minutes a day before we sleep or after we put the kids down. 

Meditation will help reconnect you to your inner self and more importantly, deepen your bond with your family because you will be more grounded and less stressed at home.

A simple way to meditate is to sit up (or lie down but you might fall asleep), relax your body and mind with simple breathing. Listen to your breathing and when other thoughts enter your brain, acknowledge them and then go right back to your breathing. You will get better at this and it takes practice. Start with 5 minutes and work yourself up to 10, 15 or 20 minutes if you can.

There are three types of meditation that include guided meditation (lead by a series of vocal prompts which you can also find various ones online now); mantra meditation (mental or verbal repetition of a phrase or affirmation); and relaxation (imagining each area of your body relaxing and listening to your breathing). Whatever you choose, the benefits of meditation are endless!

Big thanks to BossMomNation for the shout out and for featuring us on their blog!