Dress Your Guests

Thank you so much to the ladies of Dress Your Guests (DYG) for featuring us on their amazing blog that is composed of everything from fashion to fitness, but all around fun!

Connecting with DYG on social media inspired me to live a little more, dress a whole lot better, and push my fitness to another level. These two (actually three including Kate's little one, Isabella) are pretty damn incredible ... not to mention their outfits are to die for!

I couldn't help but wonder how they do it all; when asking Kate, co-founder of DYG, her view on health and fitness, she shared: Fitness and being active has been ingrained in me since I was a little. Coming from a long lineage of athletes I was always active and playing sports growing up and throughout college. Once I entered the real working world and was no longer competing on the field I found the desire to keep the competitive edge going. I treat fitness as an appointment and I schedule it in my day, on my vacations and most importantly on days I don't want to. I resist the urge to feel guilty about working out, as most moms do, because I know this time away and with myself makes me a better friend, wife, person and most importantly mother. Working out for me is beneficial both physically AND mentally. One of the sayings I live by is when you look good you feel good and I believe these two phrases to are interchangeable and intertwined. So go get your sweat on and promise your day will be better and brighter because of it! 

I couldn't agree more with these words. As a working mom, I can understand how challenging it can be to just set time aside for myself. And then to think about what to wear on the daily is a whole other story! Kate and Kendra of DYG take the guessing out of dressing! Are you interested to learn more about Dress Your Guests and the ladies who co-founded it, check out their site at www.dressyourguests.com and follow them on instagram @dressyourguests and you will not be disappointed!