Healthy Habits Over The Holidays

‘Tis the season when gingerbread and eggnog become more tempting than ever! Not to mention, hovering over the cheese platter at holiday parties often has you wishing you wore elastic-waist pants and not your super tight skinny jeans.

So let’s talk about how we can still enjoy the holidays without packing on the pounds. Here are three easy tips to keep in mind this season and a home workout you can do three times a week that is efficient and effective.

Tip #1: Rise, Shine … and Sweat! 

Schedule workouts first thing in the morning before the day gets hectic with the kids and your to-do list starts to increase. Even better – get the kids involved in a short home workout before you all start your day.

Tip #2: Eat Before The Treat.

Try having a healthy meal before heading to a holiday party and that way you won’t be so tempted to binge on all the desserts and you won’t be so open to seconds on the buttery mashed potatoes. Of course, treat yourself during the holidays, but just don’t go overboard! Or you can consider bringing a healthier version of a traditional dish, like mashed sweet potatoes versus the traditional buttery mash!

Tips #3: Sleep More & Stress Less. 

We all know stress can make us hold water and can easily make us a few pounds heavier (no joke!). Embrace the holiday mayhem and breathe a little. Most importantly, get in those zzz’s. Without proper rest, we are undoubtedly more cranky, impatient and way more likely to binge on extra dessert.

Now for the fun stuff! If you want to find out what 15-minute go-to workout we'll be doing this holiday season, check it out on The Mummy Code's Blog. We had the honour of doing a guest post for this awesome blog in Austrailia. If you're aren't already following Rachelle, you should definitely head on over and check out The Mummy Code ... you'll be missing out if you don't!

In the meantime, we are wishing you a happy and healthy holidays!