The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree.

There is a lot of truth behind instilling good habits young. So here are 3 easy ways to involve your lIttle one in your healthy habits:

1. Every mother needs a sous-chef.

Include your child by having them help prepare meals and teach them about healthier options when cooking. They can learn at a young age how to make better choices and the importance of eating balanced meals.

2. Need a workout partner?

Try doing a 20-minute home workout and include them in the exercises. Children love to copy mommy and daddy, so get them involved in a little sweat session. A family that sweats together, stays together!

3. Make sure you practice what you preach.

It won't go over well if you are raving about the health benefits of green juice as you guzzle down a can of pop at dinner. Your child will follow your example ... not your advice!