What I'm Reading This Week ...

We aren't the only ones who benefit from exercise - our kids do too! I've been researching and reading more on the best activities and exercises to do with your little ones ... I'm onto #TodaysParent magazine and their tips on keeping the whole family healthy and happy! 

Some of the classic yoga moves that Today's Parent magazine recommended you can do at home with your kiddies include:

1. Butterfly Pose

Sitting on the ground, bend your knees and bring your feet together. Wrap your hands around your feet and press your knees toward the floor. Flap your "wings" by lifting and lowering your legs.

2. Snake

Lying face down with your legs, feet and belly on the floor, arms behind your back, hands clasped and figners interlocked, lift your chest and hiss like a snake.

3. Camel

Lean on your knees, with your feet hip-width apart. Place your hands on your hips and take a deep breath. While exhaling, arch your back while holding your hips and thighs upright. Lean back and place your hands on your heels, allowing your head to fall back.

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