Co-Founder of Spoiled-One Inc. Is Part of The NTM Team!

Vicki from Spoiled One Inc. is in the final stretch of her 30-Day No Tummy Mommy plan and has committed to her customized fitness and nutrition routine despite her insanely busy schedule co-managing her successful business and working full-time ... not to mention being a hands-on mom to her son Ethan.

Vicki's eating plan included her favourite morning smoothies that she shares with her husband and son. We made sure to incorporate a lot of what she loved into each smoothie inluding hemp hearts and avocado! Plus, Vicki liked having the option of eating out during lunch with coworkers, so her plan also had some suggestions of menu items from restaurants she would typically visit while working downtown.

Her home workout routine consisted of kettlebells and bodyweight exercises in three 20-minute sessions. Bottom line, her NTM program was designed to honour her individuality, her schedule and her lifestyle preferences. 

Please cheer her own as she closes in on 30 days with NTM.