Outdoor Workouts

#TBT to our last vacation ... wouldn't you agree that outdoor workouts are so much better with palm trees and ocean air!?!

Here are some of my favourite outdoor exercises that give yoiu the best bang for your mommy buck:

1. Hill Sprints

Not saying they are easy, but they do the job! If you want to avoid the flat mom bum and achieve shapely legs, run for the hills!

2. Park Workouts

This might be a little awkward with the kiddes around, but if they playground isn't too busy, use the monkey bars for pull ups, the swings for ab work and the park benches for push ups, dips and step ups! The options are endless.

3. Beach Runs

Don't expect to look pretty after a run on the beach. Running through sand is a challenge, but a good one. Plus, if the water is nice you can always go for a dip to cool off afterwards.

4. Good Old Fashion Walking

Taking the kids out for a long stroll is one of the easiest ways to stay active outdoors. Wear comfy shoes and bring along snacks for the little ones. You can make a whole afternoon of walking with the stroller. Keep a good pace and the best part is that