Mom Life ... My Life.

Here is a glimpse of my Sunday morning as I hustle get a smoothie made and the little one is messing with the dishwater. A year ago this scenerio would've stressed me out, but now I wouldn't change my life for a second. Don't get me wrong, I still love a clean house and a morning routine (well any routine for that matter), but there is something beautiful about the chaos that my daughter creates in my life. I love it! 

There are ways I still keep things in order at home while still allowing room for natural chaos:

  1. I have a chalkboard in the kitchen that lists important to-do items for the week. I also include a cute quote for the week!

  2. I prepare meals in advance - usually Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings.

  3. I include my daughter in daily chores to help her understand the importance of keeping things neat and tidy! These chores can include helping to put away laundry, drying dishes and organizing her toys!