A Day In The Life ...

I have always been into health and fitness, but after having my daughter my priorities shifted. I am not working out nearly as much as I used to, but I have found a balance with staying active and being a healthy and present mother. And that to me is everything!

People have asked what is my typical day-to-day routine and how do I even fit exercise into my week.

Here's a quick overview of what my week usually looks like:

  • Monday to Friday I work full-time in pharmaceutical sales. I am lucky enough to work from home, although with the little one in and out of the house, I often find I am on the road all day and working out of various coffee shops in the city. My favourite cafes on rotation include: Te Aro in Leslieville, Odin at King and River and La Merceria (on Adelaide St. which I hear has recently switched owners).

  • I bring a cooler in my car every day that is packed with resuable water bottles and ice. I also bring along snacks which typically include: Greek yogurt, fruit, almonds, protein powder and cottage cheese. I often pack a lunch, which I bring in a large thermos. I always cross my fingers it is still warm enough to eat around 1 pm.

  • If I don't pack a lunch, I have a list of healthy restaurant options ... but typically I go to my usual spots like Fresh on Crawford or Gusto for their amazing Kale Salad with chicken.

  • When do I actually work out? I try and get to the gym 2-3x a week ... this sometimes doesn't happen and I end up doing a home workout when my daughter goes to bed at 8pm. I also try to get in one yoga practice a week at Chi Junky studio in Leslieville ... otherwise, I make myself do some stretching at home.

  • Every other week I try and visit a new stuidio in the city ... this usually happens over a lunch hour!

There are a lot of weeks where I don't make it to the gym and that's when I really try and devote just 20-minutes at home to do something active. I do walk a lot with my daughter and this also helps keep both of us sane :)

My advice is to KEEP MOVING. Do what you can and do your best. Commit to healthier habits. Make realistic goals for yourself. This week start by saying you will do ONE workout at home and progress every week. Use your clothes as an indicator of your progress. Lastly, do NOT beat yourself up for falling off track one day. You always have the next day to start brand new!!