Ten Things I Love

I was asked by Suzanne Toth to share TEN THINGS I LOVE, so here goes.

  1. This little girl's smile! I could stare at her ALL day.
  2. Italian food is my weakness ... love spaghetti aglio e olio!
  3. This city! #Toronto
  4. Wine. Every night.
  5. Wishing on stars and when the clock turns 11:11.
  6. I love LOVE quotes!
  7. Routine and structure make me happy.
  8. Addicted to that feeling after a good workout.
  9. Beach vacations and tan lines.
  10. I love #1 so much it had to be listed again. She just makes me incredibly happy and if taking care of my health means adding more years to my life to be with her and my family, then I'm all over it!