Active Rest

We're back to reality today after enjoying a ton of "active rest" over the long weekend! So I didn't actually get in any workouts the past couple of days, but we were definitely on the move!

Active rest involves replacing your formally planned workout with another, less intense form of exercise. Don't get this "rest" confused with sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

So what are the benefits of active rest?

  • Aids in the recovery and decreases delayed onset muscle soreness. If you’re exercising, moving with purpose and intensity, your body needs times to recover. Recovery involves repairing minor tears in the muscles and supportive tissues and replenishing depleted glycogen stores.
  • Allows for more time with the family. Take time with the little ones to do something active and it will help teach them the benefits of staying healthy and active in all different ways.
  • Helps our immune system. Intense exercise can tax the body’s immune system by triggering an over-production ofstress hormones. When stress hormone production remains high for too long, our susceptibility to viruses increases. Taking time away from exercise can enhance our immune function by returning those unwanted stress hormone levels to normal.

Looking for active rest ideas?

When it comes to active rest, the only limitation is your imagination. Here are a list of just some activities you can do with the family.

• Walking outdoors
• Ice skating
• Rollerblading
• Swimming
• Kayaking
• Golfing
• Dancing
• Low-impact hiking
• Outdoor biking

Whatever your goals are, taking time to rest is important to help you avoid plauteaus and to help you achieve the results you want sooner.