Back Fat ... Eff That.

As I speak to more and more mothers, there are common concerns that always come up including the fluffy tummy, the flat butt and the flabby back. Don’t we all wish to go back to the days when we could wear a tank without worrying about that awful “bulge under the bra”?

So let’s get to business and talk about how to get rid of that extra skin oozing out of the back of our racer back tanks. These three moves you can do at home and all you’ll need is a resistance band.            

The Moves:

1. Seated Rows

  • Secure the band low (to something sturdy, of course), sit down with your legs extended and grab both handles on top of your knees, arms extended and palms facing each other. Don’t forget to sit up straight.

  • Pull the handles back towards your abdomen and pause. Then allow them to slowly return to starting position.

2. Bent-Over Band Back Fly

  • Secure the band beneath your feet, stand up with your body tilted slightly forward and grab both handles with your hands, arms extended in front of your knees, palms facing each other.

  • Pull the handles out and up on each sides of your body and allow them to slowly return after a short pause.

  • Your back and arms should be straight throughout.

3. Lat Pull Down

  • Anchor the band overhead to a horizontal bar (or even a sturdy fixed object – even a tree branch), pulling the free ends down at your sides.

  • Kneel facing the anchor so the bands are positioned in front of you, gripping each end with arms extended overhead and hands slightly wider than shoulder-width.

  • Bending the elbows, pull the band down toward the floor while contracting your back muscles. Once the hands reach your shoulders, slowly raise them back to the starting position

Resistance bands are an awesome way to push yourself at home! Plus, you can get pretty creative with different moves too. Most importantly, you can get a complete full-body workout just with resistance bands! If you want to take your traditional bodyweight workout up a notch, consider buying a set and you will be surprised at how challenging they are. Say yes to sweat!

Try these three moves doing 3-4 sets of 15 reps each. Be sure to also include some cardiovascular training into your regimen to really help blast that back fat! Lastly, that back fat will only go away if you’re also consistently following a healthy eating routine. Stick to it, mama. You don’t have to worry about that back bulge any longer and you can just enjoy the itty bitty back rolls on your little babes instead!