Is Your Butt Up For A Squat Challenge?

Say goodbye to that non-existent mom butt!

If you're tired of wearing baggy sweaters that hang below the bum to hide your not-so-there derriere, then read on! No Tummy Mommy released their first squat challenge that is simple and effective ... and mommy approved!

Hop on over to The Rebel Mama blog right here to read our tips on keeping on track with your fitness goals for 2016 and to start the free NTM Squat Challenge now. 

And for those who want to get a head start on their spring fitness goals, the April 30-Day Challenge is now open for purchase in the No Tummy Mommy shop. It includes a comprehensive guide to the 30 days with a progressive home workout routine (with videos) and meal plan supported by recipes! 

We hope that everyone is having a healthy and happy weekend