"Mommy Time" is a MUST!

I know how challenging it can be to allow yourself some well-deserved mommy time, but it's absolutely necessary for your mental health. Pampering yourself, whether it's a mani and pedi at your favourite salon or a solo coffee break at your local cafe, it is so important to give yourself that down time. Sure, that 'mom guilt' is real, but it actually shouldn't be. You deserve a little TLC too and it will improve your mood and keep you sane! Plus, your family deserves mommy at her best. 

I recently pampered myself last week with a brow fix by the amazing brow guru, Haley Bogaert, and then got my hair done at Salon Dew.

But you gotta love when you get all dolled up only to come home and have your mini get a kick out of messing up your fresh, new blow out!! But guess what? I wasn't mad at all ... because this blow dry actually earned me cash by using my Royaltie App. Check it out in the App Store here and use my invite code 3MEWDT. You can earn cash every day by taking pics at 20,000 restaurants, salons, coffee shops, boutiques and more. And yes, the photos you submit are totally private. You gotta check this app out because it's just too good!!

Mamas, don't let yourself go too long without some "mommy time". You work hard every day and motherhood is truly the hardest job out there (but of course, the most rewarding). 

As promised, here are just a few of the spots you can find me at in the city enjoying some "mommy time" and also where you can get cash in your Royaltie account just for taking a pic while you're there:

  1. La Bettola Di Terroni - I just love their Nizzarda salad. So fresh and so healthy!
  2. Chi Junky - by far one of the best yoga studios in my opinion. Classes are small and not so intimidating. 
  3. Maman - how can you not enjoy your coffee in this cute little cafe?
  4. Flock - for quick and healthy eats on the go!
  5. Good Neighbour - love this store for all its unique goods and quality clothing. Retail therapy at its finest.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Tuesday!

Yours in health,
Trisha xo