"This is How We Roll ...."

'This is how we roll' ... especially after last night's amazing adidas #HereToCreate class with Julian Ho at Totum Life Science. My mini couldn't attend and was pretty bummed about it. However, it was a great change for me to get a sweat on with other women in the city. Be sure to sign up next Thursday morning at 9 a.m. for your chance to join in on the fun (and sweat). PS - it's FREE!! Sign up at www.heretocreate.ca

Ok ok, so if you thought foam rolling is just for the superior athlete, you're wrong! Rolling is just as important for us mamas. And regular use of a foam roller can offer you the same benefits as a sports massage. Just think, just with rolling you can help reduce joint stress, inflammation, scar tissue and improve circulation while also enhancing your flexibility. You can't not foam rolling after reading all that!!

 Just a Few More Reasons You Should be Rolling It Out:

1. Improve workouts - when you roll you actually increase blood flow to your muscles which improves the delivery of oxygen during those sweat sessions! Plus, foam rolling helps to increase your range of motion which ultimately helps to stretch out your muscles. This results in you getting more out of your workout. 

2. Enhance Post-Workout Recovery - relieve tension in muscles and help repair muscles just by using your foam roller. Yes please to speeding up recovery time. AKA less soreness after that hardcore workout!

3. Reduce Cellulite - we know foam rolling can improve blood flow which is linked to removing toxins from your muscles ... and guess what? This in turn can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Woot woot!

Lastly, I find rolling to be quite relaxing. Sure, there are moments when you can really work that muscle tightness (ouch), but it can also feel like a massage (without the spa music and white robe with slippers). So mamas, if you don't have one ... it's time to get rolling!!