Post-Halloween Workout + Leftover Candy Tips!


A week since Halloween and the candy temptation is still going strong ... even more reason to give it our all in today's workout. This is what's about to go down: 

  • 5 x Burpees
  • 10 x Box Jumps
  • 15 x Sumo Squats
  • 20 x Walking Lunges 
  • Repeat AMRAP in 15 minutes and that's it!

This circuit is a good one that gets your heart rate going and you're guaranteed a sweat. I know that the past week it's been tough having candy and chocolate in the house. Stay strong, mama!! Don't give in.

If you're wondering what on earth to do with all that extra candy, here are a few ideas:

Bake it into cakes or cookies for the neighbours!

  1. Mix candies like M&Ms into a trail mix - add nuts and dried fruit. It's a nice treat here and there and just enough sweet to satisfy your cravings. Just don't over indulge!
  2. Bring it to the office and donate it to colleagues - there are always coworkers looking for treats!
  3. Use it for education - get creative and use it for learning with the kiddies. Candy can be used for pairing or counting!
  4. Know a mommy friend who has a child's birthday coming up? Donate it for the party's piñata!
  5. Some mamas enjoy a little halloween chocolate in their coffee for an added touch on those special mornings ... or even a little bite of dark chocolate can go nicely with a glass of wine!!