Namaslay Your Holiday Gift List!

The holidays are officially upon us and aside from fighting off festive weight gain, the one other big concern is: Your Holiday Gift List!

It's the first Saturday of December and shopping madness is already in full swing. I'll be honest, shopping has changed dramatically since I became a mom and for various reasons. I really just don't have the time I used to have, but I still want each present to have meaning. Shopping is a big part of the festive season, so why not enjoy it instead of stressing over it?

My Top 3 Tips to Help You 'Namaslay' Your Gift List:

1. Make it a one stop shop. Find that one store that has it all and go to town. I don't have time to run around to different places trying to find this and that ... I need to maximize my time! This year you'll find me doing a lot of my holiday shopping at Sport Chek. You can literally find something for everyone - your 2-year-old niece to your great aunt. The one stop shop will help you get your list done quicker and avoid the last-minute shopping chaos! You'll have more time to relax with way less stress this holiday. Psst ... a little spiked egg nog and mommy juice helps too!

2. Health is wealth. I always like to buy presents that support a healthy lifestyle and can inspire my loved ones to be more active. In my opinion, these gifts are memorable and can last a lifetime.

My top health-inspired picks for little ones from Sport Chek are: 
Skates - you can find a pair for as low as $40
Raptors Fan Wear - what kid from the 6 wouldn't love a Raptor's jersey?
A SackPack - they're sporty, useful and you don't have to break the bank!

Some other gift ideas that keep health top of mind:

  • Workout wear
  • Re-usuable water bottles
  • A Fit-Bit
  • Running shoes
  • A basketball or soccer ball

3. When all else fails, go for the gift card! Don't feel bad about giving gift cards! In fact, a lot of people actually appreciate being able to personally pick out something they love. I know I do! As an advocate for health and fitness, I got a few gift cards from Sport Chek and I'm pretty confident my friends and family will be happy to shop there!

But hey, if you don't want to do a gift card but are lost when it comes to ideas, I just discovered that when you visit Sport Chek's Facebook page you can use Facebook messenger to ask an actual employee expert for gift giving advice! So if you're stuck on what to get your in-laws, you'll love this feature. 

Bottom line, my motto when it comes to gift giving is choosing something that inspires or supports health or fitness in some way. Taking care of ourselves should be a high priority and by giving a gift that motivates someone to be more active is priceless. Try and consider doing the same this holiday season because there really is no better time to #GiftABetterGift and that gift is improved health!! Happy shopping, mamas!