10 Things About Me!

Happy Sunday FUNday! Tagged by the beautiful mama Lana Michele to share 10 more facts about me for Unite In Motherhood's anniversary! So here goes:

  • I have a dog named Vegas, but this isn't him in the pic. He'd be jealous if he saw this!
  • I've been told I am too shy and quiet!
  • Close to half my back is covered in tattoos.
  • Once upon a time I stepped on stage for a fitness/figure competition.
  • Nut butters are my weakness. Nutella included obviously.
  • I have two older brothers, but everyone says I'm their big sis.
  • My first career out of university was working in marketing for women's weight-loss and sports supplements.
  • I prefer weights over cardio.
  • I was once in a hilarious Asian bikini calendar and hope that these pictures never, ever surface!
  • My mini has an odd obsession with Star Wars and tells me everyday to call her Storm Trooper.

Thanks for reading along and learning a little more about me! Love how all of us are in this together supporting with no judgement or competition!