What's New In Fitness?

Out with the old and in with the new? Not so fast! I try my best to keep up with the hottest new trends in fitness, but sometimes the best moves are the old school traditional ones done years and years ago.

Here are three somewhat “new” fitness classes to hit the scene, which I think are worth checking out!

1. Animal Flow 

This workout could definitely get you connected with your true primal instincts. Designed by Mike Fitch in collaboration with Equinox, this class will have you moving like a wild animal; you’ll use muscles you never used before because this class incorporates everything from gymnastics to breakdancing! You are guaranteed to finish this workout drenched in sweat!

2. Beyography 

Ever dream you could dance like Beyonce? Well now you can! This workout has you shaking your booty and sweating like Beyonce does on stage. Plus, you will learn some of the incredible moves you see in her music videos. This sweat is one you will not regret!

3. Bokwa  

You spend all this time teaching your kids the ABCs, well now it’s time you put the alphabet to use. In Bokwa, you are meant to “draw” letters and numbers with your feet while performing a high-intensity cardio routine. This is no joke. There are elements of South African dance involved and is all the rage in Europe! My opinion – give this is a go and you will be pleasantly (and sweatily) surprised!

 Three Moves You Should Never Lose:

  1. The squat. Performing a basic squat is one thing, but change it up using an exercise ball, doing a one-legged version or try it sumo style. The squat never gets old. It’s a compound movement that not only works your mommy butt, but engages your core and lower body!

  2. The Pull up. Sure, it’s not an easy one to do, but work at it … even if it means just doing one rep. This compound movement works more than just your back … your entire upper body AND your core get some action too! If you’re a member at a gym, use the assisted pull-up machine and challenge yourself to eventually pull up your own weight in time.

  3. The Plank. Like the squat, you can modify the plank to challenge yourself in so many ways. The spiderman plank, mountain climbers or even the one-legged version are simple ways to change it up. Not only are you working your entire core with this move, but the plank is also meditative in nature. As you execute this exercise, try repeating a mantra in your head or even focus on your breathing as the time whizzes by.

Whatever it is you do for activity, the key is that you do it. Don’t complicate things, mama. If you just want to go for a run, do it! Your body will respond best to the exercise that you love to do … because you will put your heart into it and you will push yourself to do it. Period.