30-Day Progress Update - Denise

Denise is a mom of two girls who was committed to making a true lifestyle change. She wanted to build healthy habits that could last her a lifetime.

In 30 days with a flexible eating plan and home workout regimen, she lost 8 lbs. and two inches off her hips AND waist! But most importantly, she feels amazing! Clothes fit different and she raves about her new "defined jaw line". She is such an incredible and funny woman; I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her because she is kind and sweet, but also hard-working and committed. She made my job very easy!

Denise has learned so much about nutrition, being active and finding balance through it all. This is about progress for Denise and discovering a routine that works for her. I am so grateful to have played a part in her journey to becoming a healthier and happier mama. Keep going, Denise!