We Sweat Together ... and Dine Together!

One thing I will never deny is my love for food! Yes, I make an effort to exercise effectively and yes, I do eat healthy - packing my meals and snacks when I go off to my full-time job. But sometimes, I need that break from the kitchen and need to enjoy some down time with girlfriends. 

This is exactly why when I heard about President's Choice launching Babylicious that I had to get a bunch of mommy friends together to dine at one of the city's finest French restaurants.

Babylicious is such a cool initiative that allows moms to enjoy 5-star cuisine WITH their babies.  

On Monday, I met up with three other girlfriends and their kids and we enjoyed an incredible meal at Cluny. Never in a million years would I have chose to go here with my toddler. This time was totally different; my daughter was greeted with her own little menu and no judgement was passed when we had toys and colouring books sprawled across the table. 

I was so happy that I could enjoy a good meal with my little one by my side; we sweat together and now we can dine together! She enjoyed the food and of course, I did too! And of course, when the kids started to get restless, they just entertained each other while we sipped on wine and enjoyed our meals. Yes, it was a little bit of a "cheat meal" for me, but a well-deserved one! I have been working out so hard lately and I wasn't about to pass up dessert at Cluny!

Babylicious is on until the 15th and I'm definitely taking advantage ... you should check it out too! Next on my list is Ascari Enoteca!