A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

How many of you are guilty of taking tons and tons of pics of your little ones only to have them sit on your phone or on your desktop for months (or years)? Okay, so I'm guilty of this too! I absolutely love taking pictures and I really should print them so that I can frame them or have a photo book in my family room that can be admired by guests. 

Today I was lucky enough to be invited to a special bloggers event for moms at Henry's in Toronto to introduce us to the easy-to-use Kodak Moments App which allows you to take pictures from your phone and share and print them just like that. 

I was so surprised at how easy the process was ... a few clicks and I had created a 20-page photo book of my daughter!

If you're worried that you're not a "pro photographer" especially when it comes to taking pics on your smartphone, here are three easy tips to remember:

1. Light it up! 

I just learned today that the best time to actually use your flash is when it's already very bright in the photo. For example, on a sunny day when you're snapping away photos of your kids on the beach, turn on that flash!!

2. To Zoom or not to zoom? 

To get a way better photo of your child, don't just zoom in on your phone ... walk towards your babes. The pic will turn out a lot sharper! Plus, you'll get more of a workout ;)

3. Perspective is everything. 

When you're shooting your child, get down to his/her height and click away. This change of perspective could make for an entirely different and better photo. Try it!

The most important thing I learned today at this event was to PRINT MY PHOTOS! There is nothing better than the real thing. Phones get lost, hard drives break and nothing in cyber space is truly ever "safe". Do yourself a favour and print your photos. Your little ones will thank you years from now that they have tangible images to hold and admire. 

The Kodak Moments App makes it just too easy not to print your photos. If you're curious (and you should be), show the coupon in this post at Henry's and receive one free 8x10 print! I'm already planning some prints for some upcoming special occasions!