4-Week Kickstart Progress Update - Linda Blair

I am so proud of Linda Blair and her progress from last month's kettlebell challenge. She is a mother of a two and following any type of "program" was also new to her, but she stuck to it all the way!

In her own words she says, "It was hectic at first with a 5-year-old daughter and 19-month-old son, but I got it done and I will continue this journey! Thank you for all that you do and for helping moms like myself!"

As a result of her commitment over the 30 days, Linda Blair lost 5.5 lbs., trimmed 1 inch off each thigh, 1 inch off her hips and dropped 2 inches from her waist! The numbers aren't everything because she is strengthening and toning her body and of course, most importantly, she is a healthier and happier mama overall!

Way to go, mama .... I know you're driven to continue this journey and I'm so excited to see your progress update at the end of July!!