5 Healthy Habits for Happy Mamas

Summer just ended and you might have had a little too much sangria and dessert to celebrate the warmer temps. But now that September is here, the kids might be back to school and you should be back on track, but you're just having a harder time than usual. 

Seriously, motherhood isn’t easy, but it’s the most rewarding job there is. At the end of a long day, we are often overly exhausted and barely want to lift a finger, let alone a dumbbell. I hear it all too often … finding time and motivation to exercise is not high on the to-do list when you have a pile of laundry and a sink of dirty dishes screaming your name. I created this post today for The Bella Diva Lifestyle Blog (founded by an incredible mama, Tigisti) and this post was dedicated entirely to helping us mothers take baby steps in the right direction to becoming healthier and happier mamas … one day at a time.

You might be asking, “ok so where do I start?” There are just 5 tips that you need to keep in mind when starting your health and fitness journey:

1. Focus on Progress over Perfection.

We can get so caught up wanting to “get our pre-baby body back” that we forget about how far we have come. When you start implementing new healthy habits, don’t get obsessed with the number on the scale. Instead use the fit of your clothing to help guide how you’re doing and remember that the best indication of progress is how you feel!! Each week start implementing a little bit more – whether it is adding more salads to your meals or squeezing in that extra workout.

2. Move it to Lose it. 

It can be challenging for us to get to the gym or to a yoga class for an hour at a time. Instead try and fit in a 15-minute workout when your child goes to bed or first thing in the morning before the household wakes up. Schedule your workouts like you would a meeting in your calendar. You can still get maximum results in minimum time with effective circuits that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Even consider a brisk walk during your lunch hour with coworkers or include the kiddies in your exercises! The bottom line is you gotta move it to lose it.

3. Eat better, Not Less. 

When starting your new journey to becoming a healthier mama, consider making better food choices versus eating less. A hungry mama makes for a very impatient one, so fuel yourself with wholesome meals that include lean protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and fruits and veggies. Prepare nutritious on-the-go snacks, so you aren’t hitting the fast food drive-thru for an afternoon fix.

4. Redefine #SquadGoals. 

Build your support system aka ‘your squad’. Get the whole fam involved with your new healthy lifestyle. Kids love to do whatever mommy is doing, so get them in on your sweat session or put their little hands to work in the kitchen helping to prepare nutritious meals that the entire family can enjoy. You can also recruit a mommy friend who can keep you accountable – they can join you for workouts and be on board with fitness-inspired play dates (i.e. hikes with the kids, swimming at the local pool).

5. Breathe. 

This one sounds simple enough, but as mothers we often forget to take a moment to sit back and breathe. This is an important piece to your wellness journey. Meditation can help moms be more patient, think clearly and plus, it’s an awesome opportunity to relax and remind yourself of how beautiful and blessed you are.

A big thanks to TIgisti from Bella Diva Lifestyle for allowing me to share on her blog these tips that can help support our journey to becoming healthier and happier mamas. To all, please be kind to yourself and keep in mind that results and progress happen over time and not overnight.