Meditation for the Manic Mama

This month we shared some meditation tips on the Not So Mumsy blog. This post is near and dear to my heart because I believe in the importance of mindfulness for every single mama out there!

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday mom life and sitting in silence to meditate sounds like a far-fetched dream. I speak from experience; my to-do list stresses me out as it hangs over my head and there seems to be so much more I can do in 5 minutes than meditate. Well mamas, that’s where I was wrong.  Meditation is very much an important part of your health and wellness journey.

It actually helps to release stress and can help recharge us to get us back to centre … which can ultimately help us get through daily tasks with more ease and peace of mind. Plus, meditation will help reconnect you to your inner self and more importantly, deepen your bond with your family because you will be more grounded and less stressed at home. Now you might be asking, “how do I you start?” The beauty of meditation is that you don’t actually have to overthink it; you just have to do it.

Here are 5 Mindfulness Tips for the Busy Mom:

Start with 3 minutes. If you master 3 minutes daily continue to increase the time. Do it in the morning and your day will be off to a graceful start.

  1. Breathe, please. A simple way to meditate is to sit up, relax your mind and just listen to your breathing. When other thoughts enter, acknowledge them and let them go. Focus on your breathing. That’s it.

  2. Follow a guided meditation. There are so many apps and online videos that provide vocal prompts to help ease you into meditation. This is a great option for beginners.

  3. Get to know yourself. When you’re in a meditative state, pay attention to how you’re feeling or what parts of your body are asking for more attention. You will start to understand yourself.

  4. Commit before you quit. Like any fitness or nutrition plan, you need to commit to meditation for at least 30 days to really feel the benefits. Don’t give up!

The reason I chose to write about meditation for the Not So Mumsy blog is because this is something I continue to work on myself. I believe that it has taken my fitness and health to a whole new level.  More importantly, it has helped me become a happier mother. I encourage all of you to take this on next month and be mindful of the positive changes you will feel from now on. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It won’t always be easy and peaceful (especially with little ones in the house), but the benefits of meditation are endless and you won’t know until you experience it yourself!