Shower Time is “Mommy Time”!

As a mother, there are days where showers are missed and teeth go unbrushed. The norm for most mamas right? I have to say that showers are my “mommy time” and although rushed at times, a shower is where I can take a quick moment to breathe and relax (even if I hear my child screaming MOM for no reason whatsoever).  I need to remind myself that I won’t come out of the shower with something on fire!

With this said, I’ve just teamed up with Olay to help take “mommy time” in the shower to a whole other level. 

Over the holidays I had the opportunity to take longer than a 5-minute shower (woot woot!) and besides reciting my to-do list and doing a mini meditation between my shampoo and conditioner, I also put Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with new Lock-in-Moisture technology to the test.

I am one of those people that often felt like my body wash wasn’t actually cleaning my skin and moreover, I would still step out of the shower feeling dry as ever. This would result in me spending extra time lathering on lotion to bring my skin back to life. Keep in mind, this extra step happens with a toddler by my side in a tiny bathroom full of steam. Not fun. 

So what did I find after using this new Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash? The new Lock-in-Moisture technology is no joke! It works! This new formula absorbed into my skin and didn’t just sit on the surface, so my skin didn’t have that nasty residue and actually felt clean and smooth!

My skin can often look tired after some late nights and early mornings, but after using the reformulated Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, I had noticeably younger looking skin. I inquired with the Olay team because I was so amazed by this and learned that in a clinical study they had performed, experts noticed dry skin improvement in 100% of women. Nourished and moisturized skin feels way healthier and obviously, that is right up my alley!


Bottom line, there are three important things that need to happen during and after a shower:

  1. Your skin should feel clean and moisturized. I’m talking silky and light and the new Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Lock-in-Moisture technology does just that.

  2. You should have a decent grasp of your to-do list for that day starting from children’s activities to what’s planned for dinner.

  3. Take a time out. You must allow yourself a few deep breaths. Centre yourself. Remind yourself that the day ahead will be a good day … and yes, it will be a good day, mamas!

A big thanks to Olay for improving my ‘mommy time’ in the morning! The new Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Lock-in-Moisture technology is now available in stores where Olay products are sold.

Wishing all you mamas longer than 5-minute showers this week!