My Top 10 Healthy Eats in Toronto

Hey Mamas!

I've been asked by a lot of people to share some insight on dining out while keeping your goals top of mind. So if working out isn’t your main problem and it’s more about nutrition and eating out that has you stuck in a rut, don’t worry. If you’re a Toronto mama, I’ve shared 10 resto options for eating healthy in the city below.

Luckily, I’ve found that it’s gotten even easier in Toronto to eat nutritiously outside of your home. Over the past few years, there are now way more places to eat that can satisfy a healthy hunger. Gone are the days when eating out meant throwing all your fitness goals out the window. Thank god! Finally there are some incredible spots that make eating out easy on the waistline without sacrificing taste.


My Top 10 Picks For Eating Healthy in the City:

1. Impact Kitchen

From paleo treats to power bowls, this place is one of my faves when it comes to clean eats. You will often find me here enjoying a macro bowl or a Lift smoothie. There is so much to choose from and you can indulge without the guilt!

2. Sweat & Soda

Looking for the best Kombucha in town? This is the place. What’s more, you’ll find everything from chia pudding to chicken wraps which you can enjoy in a quiet space surrounded by succulents and tropical plants! A serene place for mommy to eat and unwind.

3. Urban Herbivore

For all you plant-based foodies, this place is a hot spot! Right down to their biodegradable packaging, this place hits a homerun when it comes to healthy eating! Everything is made from scratch and it’s mostly all local and organic.

4. Planta

This restaurant takes plant-based eating to a whole other level. There is not one thing on the menu that hasn’t blown me away. Even their cocktails are made with cold-pressed juices! I’m a big fan of the lettuce wraps and cauliflower tots. Planta makes for a perfect and nutritious date night!

5. Kupfert & Kim

This spot is ideal for times you’re in a hurry, but don’t want to hit up a coffee shop for an almond croissant or slice of banana bread. Kupfert & Kim offers healthy eats on the go! I love grabbing one of their energy balls with my Americano when I'm late for a morning meeting.

6. Bolt Fresh Bar

As a mom there is often not much time to sit and eat and that’s why Bolt makes my life easier because of its nutritious offerings that I can enjoy on the run. Their Acai bowl is literally the best in the city … plus it makes for one pretty picture for the gram.


7. Flock

Are you looking for a quality healthy takeout meal? This is where you can find it. Everything is always fresh AND you can customize your order.  The icing on the cake is that their chickens are naturally raised without hormones or antibiotics.

8. IQ Foods

For all you working mamas in the financial district, I’m sure you know of this spot. Affordable lunch options that are wholesome and balanced. I’m all over the Lima bowl – bring on that spice! 

9. Fresh

Aside from my occasional indulgence in their sweet potato fries and onion rings, I can find a lot of healthy options on the Fresh menu. The Tiger bowl is a favourite, but I sub the crispy tofu for grilled. I always leave feeling satisfied! Be sure to finish your meal with the ginger tea, but tell them to go easy on the maple syrup!

10. Calii Love

“Eat Good. Feel Good. Do Good.”  This is their motto and they nailed it! Their Poke bowls and superfood smoothies get me every damn time. You are guaranteed to leave this place feeling happy and healthy!

If your favourite Toronto restaurant isn’t listed here, but you want to still go out and eat, then simply ask if they can customize your order. Most restaurants will try and accommodate your request. Try opting for steamed veggies over fried or ask for the salad instead of the buttery mashed potatoes as your side. I do hope that this list helps you, but in the very near future I do plan on sharing a post on how to successfully meal prep at home so that you can try and minimize eating out at restaurants. Stay tuned!