Last year, Britt completed a 30-day challenge with No Tummy Mommy and in those 4 weeks, she lost 7 lbs. and a total of 8 inches, which included 1.2 inches total off her waist, 1.4 inches off her arms combined, 2.6 inches off her waist and 2.8 inches off her hips! Amazing!!

I was so proud of Britt for her hard work and commitment. Following her 30 days with No Tummy Mommy she kept the momentum going and even started seeing a personal trainer to continue on to achieving her fitness goals. This journey is different for everyone and this is truly about PROGRESS! The very most important part of the journey is how you FEEL. I am most happiest when I get feedback from a mother stating she has more energy to run after her kids or that her entire family is now eating better as a result of joining the No Tummy Mommy program.

This year when I created the 4-Week Kick-Start Challenge my hope was that women from all over could have a guide to help them become happier and healthier mothers. It was designed as a way to help mothers reignite their fitness goals. This is not about getting rock-hard abs, but about helping you be more comfortable and confident with your postpartum body. There is a lot of info in the program, so take your time and read through it. Start when you are ready and if you fall off track, get back on and take it one day at a time. This may not be a perfect journey, but if you keep on going, you won’t regret it!

Your progress will look very different than another mother. Most importantly, you will start to feel better and even your family will notice a shift in your spirit. Hopefully, your entire fam will jump on board with your new healthy lifestyle and your whole household will feel 100 times better!

What’s so important about measuring progress? Taking a photo and measurements is just another way to help keep you accountable and motivated. Consider doing this on day 1 and every 30 days after. I cannot emphasize this enough, but above all, it is how you feel that is the best indication of successful progress.

What’s in the 4-Week Kick-Start Challenge?

  • Home workout routine that progresses in challenge over the 4 weeks. No equipment required!

  • Step-by-step images of each exercise 

  • Access to workout videos online using password provided

  • Easy-to-follow meal plan with various alternatives and substitutions to suit your needs

  • Recipes to help you change it up and keep your taste buds engaged

  • Tips and tricks to help you stay on track

  • Tools to help you continue with the program even after the initial 4 weeks is completed

  • The entire program is sent electronically and you have the freedom to start whenever works best for you and your schedule

For more information on the latest 4-Week Kick-Start Challenge, click here or send me an email at

NOTE: It's also important that you get the green light from your doctor prior to starting any new program. Additionally, it is also recommended you see a pelvic floor physiotherapist for a detailed assessment. Before returning to regular exercise, you must have optimal function of your core (this includes the diaphragm, pelvic floor, transversus abdominis and multifidus). To learn more on this topic straight from a pelvic floor physiotherapist, be sure to read this post from Holistic Health Physio.