What does it mean to have it all?

I was asked this question last week and I had so much trouble answering it because my answer was wildly different than it was pre-motherhood. A few years ago I would’ve said a trip to Maldives coupled with a wardrobe of my dreams. Today, my answer is far from that.

As a mother, my heart is so full when I look at my little girl that it’s hard to think there is much more outside of this. So again, what does having it all mean to me?

Today, it means having optimal health to be able to live a long and happy life with my family by my side. This is exactly why I place fitness and nutrition high on our household’s priority list. Daily activity and healthy eating is important especially for little ones. Even when extra money falls onto our lap – whether it’s $1 or $150 – it would most definitely go towards an extracurricular activity for my daughter to get her moving! Right now I’m actually looking at enrolling her into Tae Kwon Do and she is totally into the idea!

With all this talk about having it all, I wanted to share a pretty cool initiative that Food Basics will be launching on June 3rd; it’s called the I Want It All Event.

What’s it about? Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is film, upload, share and win! Start by filming a 5-15 second video answering the question: “If you won free groceries for an entire year, what would you do with the savings?” Upload the video here for a chance to win one of three prizes of groceries for a year—$10,000 in Food Basics gift cards!

You will even find in-store teams who will be walking around asking customers what “I want it all” means to them for additional chances to win. Be sure to also share what having it all means to you on social media with the hashtags #iwantiitall #foodbasics ... if you want to get more details, check it all out here!

I thought this was such a great idea because eating healthy can sometimes cost a pretty penny, so just imagine winning free groceries for a year! AMAZING! Good luck, everyone!

Note: To be entered in the contest, videos must be uploaded to the web, sharing on social media won’t count as a contest entry. Photography: Brightside Films.