The 21 Beautiful Mornings Project

SLEEP. Such a foreign and forgotten friend to most of us I am sure. I can imagine just reading that five-letter word sends most into deep reverie. 


When was the last time you had a good sleep? 

As I mentioned in a previous Instagram post, sleep is SUCH a critical part of fitness, health and wellness for kids and adults alike.  It’s through restful sleep that the body is able to recover from the day’s exercise by allowing targeted or strained muscle groups to repair and rebuild. On the other hand, OVERSLEEPING has been linked to a host of medical problems, including both medical and physical health issues.  It’s important to find that balance. 


So another question… when was the last time you had a beautiful morning--- one where you woke up naturally and refreshed, completely ready to start your day? 

Twenty-one days ago marked Daylight Savings and as you may recall, it was then I announced that I had teamed up with Philips to experience their Wake-Up Light. I received an adult bedside light and Harper got a children’s version. On November 4thwe took on the #21BeautifulMornings Project and today I get to share the results!

When we started we were told that both of our lights were scientifically proven to help us wake up more naturally and refreshed and that 92% of users studied agreed that it’s easier to get out of bed. I was definitely intrigued by the results and health benefits! Harper, on the other hand, seemed mostly interested in the bedside light itself. The lights, sounds, and customization elements were intriguing enough for her!


The Philips Wake-Up Light allowed us to personalize how we wanted to start each of our 21 mornings!  For example I could wake up to my favourite radio show (if I hadn’t already woken up to Noa), or to one of five natural wake up sounds. 

But the coolest part was certainly the light. The Philips Wake Up Light simulates sunrise and gradually brightens beside you to wake you up naturally. It has 20 brightness settings to fit your personal preference. This made those dark, cold fall mornings so much easier for my Harper, who struggles enough already to get out of bed for school. 

And just in case my little bear wanted to hibernate just a wee bit longer… a gentle beep reminded her it’s time to get up! Luckily momma controls the time settings on hers and we didn’t tell her about the tap to snooze feature. Shhhhhh! 

The Philips light is definitely a great addition to our healthy sleep routine. I got a lot of messages about it when I started the 21 Beautiful Mornings Project and I do recommend it! In addition, here are a few other things to keep in mind that can support a healthy sleep habits:


1. Establish a Consistent Bedtime Routine.

It’s not just Harper and Noa that benefit from a bedtime routine, us adults do too! You should try and avoid intense activities right before bed and do things that are more soothing for the soul. Take a bath, read a book or meditate to help transition from wake time to sleepy time. 

2. Time Matters.

It’s also important (just as it is for our children) to be consistent with the time you go to sleep. Get that internal clock of yours accustomed to a regular bedtime.

3. Pass on the Espresso.

I’m not one to turn down a good cup of coffee, but I do try and limit caffeinated drinks later in the day. Otherwise I might be paying the price when I’m about to hit the sack.

4. Invest in a Quality Mattress.

I believe a good mattress makes all the difference. I love my Casper and have noticed such a difference in my sleep patterns.


Photography by: Leon Chai Photography