Boost, Balance and Build Your Child’s Overall Health!


Let’s talk about kids nutrition and how challenging it can be to sometimes hit all the recommendations for fruits and veggies, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin D. Ahhhh, I try my hardest, but I’ll be honest - it’s not always easy.  I am all for building healthy habits at a young age and speaking openly with Harper about the importance of nourishing her body with what it needs to thrive each day. 

When I learned about Genuine Health’s new Genuine Health-y Kids line, I jumped at the chance to work with them. For one, I love Joy McCarthy and two, I’m always looking for ways to improve Harper’s nutrition regime even the slightest bit. I have always been a fan of Genuine Health and love that they make science and research a priority when developing products.


As I have started to learn more about Genuine Health-y Kids, as well as getting Harper started on the products, I was truly impressed by everything that I wanted to make sure I shared it all with you here on the blog. I feel like it’s a topic that most mothers are interested in because it’s quite common to be concerned with your child not getting what they need from the childhood North American Diet for healthy immunity, digestion, development, learning, eye health and energy! 

It’s important to me to share my honest experience, so if you’re in the same shoes as me trying to find ways to give your children the nutrition they need to lay that foundation for a long, healthy life, then keep reading! I think you’re going to love what you’re about to learn.



  • Only 10% of Canadian grade 6-12 students meet fruit and veggie intake recommendations 

  • About 40% of this intake among Canadian children and teens is from juice and white potato

  • 84% of children consume less than one serving of fish/seafood per week 

  • 55% of Canadian children & teens’ energy intake is from ultra-processed foods
(soft drinks, fast food, confectionary, etc) 

These stats are no joke, but the good news is that as parents we CAN help our little people build a resiliency to the abundance of harmful dietary & environmental influences in addition to over sanitization, antibiotics & low intake of fruits and vegetables! 


The 3 B’s

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not a piece of cake to get Harper to eat all her fruits and veggies. She’s good, but she’s not THAT good. Genuine Health-y Kids offers fermented organic gut superfoods+ kids to help BOOST their nutrition with 22 organic whole food, polyphenol- rich superfoods and prebiotics in every scoop! Harper really loves the new grape flavor and I feel good about here getting in a rich source of amplified plant nutrients! It’s a win-win all around!

I had always worried about Harper getting her daily intake of EPA and DHA, both of which are key nutrients in brain development. I was so happy to learn that the Genuine Health-y Kids line included a product like omega3 kids +D3 that helps to BALANCE her omega-3s. I should mention that there is absolutely no fishy taste or aftertaste. Thank goodness! 


I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about gut flora and gut health. This doesn’t just start at our age – it’s something we, as parents, need to start prioritizing. It’s so crucial that we BUILD our little one’s healthy gut flora and we can do just that with advanced gut health probiotic kids. Without getting too technical, you can rest assured that Genuine Health-y Kids probiotic has a superior formula that has a targeted delivery. It’s also in a chewable format, which doesn’t require refrigeration! 

You Got This!

I know I’ve just shared a lot of information, but I can’t emphasize enough just how proud I am to partner with Genuine Health on their new kids line. I know that Genuine Health is on a mission to change the way we nourish our little ones and ourselves. I am confident with my decision to use these products with Harper and believe that giving her all three together will best cultivate her digestive, immune and whole-body health. I always preach that ‘health is wealth’ and staying true to this motto is so much easier when I have quality products from Genuine Health in my corner for me and my family! If you’re interested in trying Genuine Health-y Kids for your little one, you can use the promo code notummymommy for 15% off.