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The All New "So Yummy Mommy Series"!

t has been hard keeping this project on the DL, but I couldn't wait any longer. The So Yummy Mommy series is officially here!! I've partnered with my good friend, Sabrina, who is Registered Holistic Nutritionist and also a mama of two! Throughout my pregnancy with Noa, she was my go-to for all things nutrition and so what better person to team up with to bring you The So Yummy Mommy Series! 

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Breakfast Smoothies Made Easy

80% of the time I have breakfast on the go and it is usually a smoothie of some sort! We all know mornings can be pretty chaotic, so having simple smoothie recipes on hand makes life so much easier. You can blend, pour and take it out the door with you! I'll get right to the point and share my favourite (SUPER EASY) breakfast smoothies; hopefully they make your mornings less crazy too.

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