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4-Week Progress - My Cousin Emily

I can’t even tell you how proud I am of my cousin Emily, who is a beautiful mama of 3! She came to me looking to kickstart her journey and wanting to feel better inside and out, as well as increase her energy. But then when it came to numbers, she blew me away! In just 30 days she had lost an incredible 11.8 lbs, 2.5 inches off each thigh, 1.5 inches off her hips and 4.25 inches from her waist!

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30-Day Progress Update - Denise

Denise is a mom of two girls who was committed to making a true lifestyle change. She wanted to build healthy habits that could last her a lifetime.

In 30 days with a flexible eating plan and home workout regimen, she lost 8 lbs. and two inches off her hips AND waist! But most importantly, she feels amazing! Clothes fit different and she raves about her new "defined jaw line". She is such an incredible and funny woman; I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with her because she is kind and sweet, but also hard-working and committed. She made my job very easy!

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30-Day Challenge Progress: Cheryl

NTM 30-Day Challenge Progress: I couldn't help but share the progress of one awesome mama from the January 30-Day Challenge. Cheryl is a full-time teacher and mother to 2-year old Charlotte. I am so proud of Cheryl because in 30 days she lost 10 lbs., 4 inches off her waist and 3 inches off her hips!! AMAZING!! Plus, she trimmed a total of 5.5 inches off her thighs. The numbers are incredible, but the most important thing is that Cheryl feels healthier, happier and better about herself; she is driven to keep on going!

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30-Day Progress Update - Emily, Mom of 2

30-Day Progress Update: Emily is a working mom of two who knew something needed to change after months of eating out, too many Timmy's drive thrus and minimal activity. She was determined to better her health and so she did! In just 30 days (yes, 30 DAYS!!) she dropped 3.5 inches off her waist, clothes were fitting better ... and now she has more energy to play with her daughters.

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12-Week NTM Progress Update - Cheyenne

WOW! Cheyenne is a 23-year old mother of 2 who came to me after struggling with another program that had on her too little calories and not a lot of guidance. We won't get into a lot of detail about which program she was following, but what Cheyenne needed was a customized plan that made sense for her life ... and her life only! Together we explored the best choices and tools she needed to achieve the results she wanted before returning to work from mat leave.

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NTM 12-Week Progress - Judy Edwards

I am so proud of Judy, a 48-year old mother of two, who has lost 23 lbs and a total of 15.5 inches (which included 5 inches off her waist) in just 12 weeks (as shown in the picture)! Judy has had a lot of experience trying different diets and programs, but she signed up with No Tummy Mommy because she was looking for a personalized plan that was designed only for her and only her needs. Her customized NTM plan took everything into consideration - her early morning start of 4:30 a.m., her love for snowboarding, as well as her weekend getaways. 

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