Don’t Let Anyone Rain On Your Parade

For the second year in a row, I’ve partnered with Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) on their “Excuses Campaign”. Like most women, I have a soft spot for shoes and it is just hard to say no to a good pair! Truth: I can always find an excuse to get shoes. But this time around, Harper and I set aside the running shoes and trainers and we’re focusing on rain boots instead! Sure, it has been close to 60 years since that major storm hit Southern Ontario and Toronto got 285 mm of rain over 48 hours … but spring in full swing, so we know there will be some rain in the forecast. We need to be prepared! Wouldn’t you agree this is a pretty legit excuse this season to get a pair of rubber boots?

On that note, I actually haven’t owned a pair of rain boots since I was a kid. No word of a lie, this is my very first pair of adult rain boots! At DSW there are so many cute ones to choose from and of course, I couldn’t resist these Hunter Chelsea Boots. They are reasonably priced, like all the shoes at DSW, but you’d be happy to know that they are also marked down from their original price of $159 to $111. Such a good deal!!

Of course Harper also had to get a pair of rubber boots too! I let her pick because lately she has been demanding to pick her whole outfit right down to what goes on her feet. She’s only five, but she knows what she wants to wear and no one can stop her. She opted for the Laura Ashleyrain boots with the flamingo print. How adorable! The fact that they have the twin pull handles makes them so easy to put on. Game changer in the morning!

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Finally the snow is melting here in Toronto and now Harper and I are set for the spring showers that lie ahead. We have DSW to thank for suiting us up in stylish designer rain boots at a discounted price. That’s what I love so much about DSW; whether I am buying running shoes or rain boots, I know that I am not paying designer prices like I would be at another store. What’s more, there is so much variety that every time I go to a DSW store, I find something new. For some reason, being on mat leave just means a lot more shopping adventures. Not that we can’t make enough excuses to buy a new pair of shoes. As Marilyn Monroe once said, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” That’s enough reason for me!

To check out all the styles (and there are lots), visit or visit a store near you. Happy shopping!


Photography by: Leon Chai