Easy Tips to Keep Your Halloween Healthy-ish!

I admit, I have a thing for mini Kit Kat bars and Coffee Crisps. Halloween can really throw anyone's fitness goals out of whack because one night of fun often turns into weeks of random late-night binging. 

Halloween Mommy and daughter

Tips for Leftover Candy

My daughter loves Halloween and the treats that come along with it. Lucky (or unlucky) for me, she isn't much of a chocolate fan, so that means there can be a whole lot of Kit Kats and Coffee Crisps lying around the household ... just for moi. Sure, treat yourself a little by all means, but instead of over indulging daily, here are some quick tips on what to do with all that left over candy!

1. Get Baking

There are so many recipes that you can incorporate Halloween chocolate into. Cookies and cakes are one thing, but try even crushing m&ms into your energy balls instead of using traditional chocolate chips for a good change. To play it super safe, just get baking for your neighbours. #SorryNotSorry

2. Spruce up your Trail Mix

Try adding the Smarties and raisins to your trail mix for a little treat that can satisfy your cravings just enough for those times when you need it most. Just don't go overboard!

3. Water Cooler Convo and Candy

Bring all the left over candy into the office and let your coworkers enjoy. Everyone has that colleague who likes to chit chat at your desk - give them some candy and they will be on their way!

4. Education Never Looked So Sweet

Use it for educational games at home for the kiddies. Counting and pairing games are just some ideas. If you have super glue, get crafting! This should keep the kiddies busy without the extra cavities.

5. Piñata Party

Do you have a mommy friend who is throwing their child a birthday party in the coming weeks? Donate the candy for her piñata and save her some cash. 

6. But First, Coffee

I thought this was a silly idea at first, but when I tried a small bit of a chocolate bar melted in my coffee I realized why people loved a comforting cafe mocha. Who knew? Save it for those hectic mornings when you need that little extra jolt of joy!

7. Sharing is Caring

Other moms have told me they donate their candy to shelters or they send it to family back home in other countries, but I'm not really sure I would do this. I would feel much better about donating healthy food! 

8. Hoard it for the Holidays

With the holidays a couple of months away, you can always store and use it to decorate your gingerbread house or get crafty with a DIY Advent calendar.


Ok, But What is The Healthiest Halloween Treat Out There?

There are so many candies out there nowadays and those little bite-size suckers can add up. This doesn't mean only stick to the same ol' raisins, but there are some 'better' choices out of the popular bunch of Halloween candy.

Peanut M&Ms always rank as a 'smarter' option given the peanut instead of the pure chocolate goodness. And despite being worried about your kiddies' teeth, a small bag of Sour Patch Kids only contains 55 calories and 9g of sugar. It's also thought to be a decent option. Snickers always falls onto this list and I think it's because the macros are only 45 calories and 5g of sugar. Also, people tend to find it a good size for a chocolate fix when you need it. Twizzlers and Tootsie Rolls are almost always listed as a better alternative.

If you ask me, I do let my daughter have a treat or two of her choice (after a good safety inspection). But like most of us, by the end of the first or second week she is also sick of seeing this bag of Halloween candy. That's when we refer back to the tips listed above and figure out the best way to get it all out of the house ... and fast!

Wishing you a happy (and healthy-ish) Halloween, mamas!


Photography by: Leon Chai

Studio space: Toronto Yoga Mamas