Home Workouts For the Win

I miss the gym, but right now my schedule hasn’t allowed for much time to leave the house to get there or to a class of any sort. Home workouts are where it’s at for me at the moment and I’m okay with it. From bodyweight moves and bootie bands to kettlebells and dumbbells, I’m just doing what I can at home with or without the kiddies. I am sure many of you might be in the same boat - juggling between nap times and school pick ups, so I wanted to write some examples of home workouts that you can try when you have a spare 15 minutes to get moving. For me, movement keeps me sane so this is a commitment I try not to break. I do what I gotta do to make it happen. Hope this post helps you to get your movement in today!

Bodyweight Workouts

For those of you who don’t own dumbbells or any other accessories, using your own bodyweight is a great option. It’s also a challenging one (in a good way)! Plus, you can improve your flexibility and balance by using your bodyweight during exercise. The best part is that you can pretty much do these workouts anywhere! Some of my favourite bodyweight moves include: pushups, squats, dips and lunges. I’ve shared a lot of easy 15-minute bodyweight circuits on my youtube channel here, but click below for one you can do today!

Bootie Bands

For a small investment, bootie bands are another great option to incorporate into workouts at home. They really help to target the glutes and believe me, bootie band exercises are a lot harder than they look. My fave moves include:

  • Lateral Band Walks

  • Standing Glute Kicks

  • Hip Bridge Pulses

  • Banded Walks

  • Clamshells



Purchasing a kettlebell is a small cost given the huge value you can get having one at home. There are just SO many exercises you can do and you can get a full body workout too! Here are a few of my fave kettlebell movements:

  • Swings - get the best bang for your buck with this move as it works your whole body!

  • Around the world

  • Shoulder Presses

  • Deadlifts

  • Rows



Also versatile and just like kettlebells, you can get a full body blast in the comfort of your own home! Just make sure they are always safely stored away from the kiddies. I love so many exercise that involve dumbbells, but I always say to keep it simple. My advice is to pick a couple of movements that you have perfected form with and add a dumbbell to up the challenge. Mamas, don’t be afraid to lift … you will NOT get huge! Instead you will get beautifully toned, defined and most importantly, STRONG!


The Peloton

You might have noticed on my Instagram stories that I have become a bit of a Peloton fanatic. This is not a sponsored post, but I did want to share my honest review on my experience so far. I was given a 3-month trial with the opportunity to purchase afterward. I am just over the 1-month mark and have to say I am truly loving it. I enjoy the competitive aspect to it and find it amazing having the ability to do classes live with people in different countries. Having access to your stats to monitor your progress is always helpful. I find all the instructors very engaging with Ally Love being my top pick! The one thing I love most about the Peloton experience is its convenience. I can do any workout at any time. It’s not just cycling - there are yoga classes, meditation practices, and weight training sessions available too!


The big question is: will I buy it after the trial? I am strongly considering it. The membership is $49/month and there are pay plans available to purchase the bike, which makes it a bit easier on the budget. That’s exactly what I would do! I believe you can really get a lot out of the membership and it’s hard to put a price tag on its convenience. You can do live AND on-demand classes. Ahhh, I love it! If you are struggling with getting to the gym or to a class outside of your home, this might be the perfect solution.

One thing I should mention is it is big in size and can’t be tucked away when guests come over. I live in a small Toronto home, so right now the Peloton bike is in my bedroom. It’s not the most ideal place, but for now it works. In a sense it’s an advantage to see it the moment I wake up because I am reminded to prioritize exercise!

Bottom Line

Whatever activity it is you decide to do at home, just do it! Because it’s absolutely true - you will never (EVER) regret a workout once it’s done!