How to Stay Fit(-ish) this Summer

With the kids out of school during the summer months, it’s all too easy to lose track of your routine. From BBQs and patio hangs to ice cream at the splash pad, you’re not alone when it comes to falling off the wagon. I’m not saying you should pass on the sangria because this is LIFE and this life is meant to be lived. I am all for enjoying the summer with the kids and making the most of every moment - even if it includes the occasional freezie! But with all that said, there are a few things I think can help you stay fit(-ish) over the summer. Some of these tips you already know, so just take this post as a gentle reminder.


Sweat, But Don’t Stress Over It.

Yes, it’s important to prioritize movement despite the chaos of summer days, but if you can’t do your regular workout or get in your run, don’t stress it. Chances are you will be doing something active with the kids. At least that’ll be your intention. I was never a morning workout person, but forced myself to do it because I want to get it done before I am pulled in every other direction throughout the day. Keep reading for a quick outdoor workout you can try!

Eat Well, Play Hard and Be a Boss (a #MomBoss)

The best part about eating during summer months is all the fresh foods and meals you can prepare and eat. BBQ season makes it easy to grill up food fast and can make “meal prep” a little bit easier. I’m not suggesting you pull out all the Tupperware and prep each meal, but it is helpful to have healthy foods on hand. This could be as simple a cutting veggies and fruit in advance or grilling chicken to have for lunches the following day. Do not beat yourself up for enjoying food this summer. I repeat: DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP. For example, if you do indulge at the neighbours pool party over lunch just let it go and remember to have a lighter dinner that evening. Don’t overthink it.


I tend to drink a lot more alcohol over the summer holidays, but we all know that we HAVE to stay hydrated with lots of water. When I’ve been drinking way more white wine spritzers than H2O, I definitely see a difference in my body. Anyway, I’m not even going to go further into this because it’s boring AF and we all know the deal. Just drink the water. Period.

Catch Dem Z’s.

Again, I’m guilty of late nights and early mornings, but it sure does take a toll on me mentally and physically. There is so much research backing the benefits of solid sleep habits and the impact it has on our overall health. I get that there is just something wonderful about summer nights, but when you can hit the sack early, don’t think twice!


Buddy Up!

Next time you want to go for a workout or make that 12PM yoga class, set up a playdate for your kiddie with a like-minded mommy friend. Tell her next week you’ll take the kids and she can get in her workout. I thought this was simple, but genius!

Love Yourself.

For those of you who think this has nothing to do with staying fit(-ish), think again. This is the most important of all the summer survival tips listed here. Call it what you want - self-love, body positivity or self-care … the bottom line is you just gotta love YOU … and all of you! Once you do this without fear or question, every decision you make will be a good one!


Trisha EnriquezComment