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Hyba Activewear

When I discover and instantly fall in love with an active wear line, I can’t help but share it with everyone I know. I know so many people who get stuck in a rut of buying the same ol’ line and it can be challenging to try something new. I was guilty of this too, but happy I learned about Hyba and had proudly partnered with them as an official ambassador over the past couple of months! You’ve probably noticed me rocking Hyba in my recent posts; I just love all their gear!

Hyba workout

“I Like to Move it, Move it!”

Another reason that I was so excited about teaming up with Hyba was because I felt that this line really speaks to me as a health-conscious and active mother who is on the go! Hyba makes movement the priority and that goes beyond inside the gym or yoga studio. Hyba clothing is made for the everyday women who is not only active, but who can wear the athlesiure line with confidence and comfort while running a million errands across the city only to get home in time to pick the kids up from school. I can relate to this big time. I’m sure many of you can too. 

Hyba Trisha Activewear

My Fave Pieces

Like I said, I love sharing my honest opinion when it comes to active wear. I spent a lot of time trying on different pieces at the Hyba store and then spent more time putting each outfit through a sweat and regular mom-life activities, such as taking my daughter to swimming class or walking my dog. It sounds a bit crazy, but after all of this homework I can finally share some of my fave pieces for you.

Hyba workout

Printed Fast Track Cropped Legging – so besides the pattern being unique and fun, these leggings hit the mark on so many levels. They are comfy, breathable and sweat-friendly, while also being stylish!

Crisscross Bra Tank – I love this tank because it’s not restrictive during workouts and instead moves with me! It also includes a medium-impact sports bra, so you can get through an intense workout with confidence.

Sleeveless Sweater – you can take this piece outside of your workout and pair it with jeans and it would look super cute. I love this sweater because it’s lightweight and versatile. Rock it during a workout, after a sweat session or wear it to brunch with your girls. 

Hyba wear
Trisha Hyba Selects WEB-4935-2.jpg

Weather-Protective Running Jacket – There are so many reasons why this jacket is one of my faves. Not only is it water-repellent and windproof, but it’s insulated, breathable and downright cute! Even with Toronto’s cooler temps, I can still get active outdoors without completely freezing my butt off!

Open-Back Top – You are almost guaranteed a compliment wearing this open-back sweater. It’s unique, yet comfortable, and perfect material for an easy workout.

hyba workout
Trisha Hyba Selects WEB-5047.jpg

Sweat In Style and Comfort

There you have it! This line is now a staple in my workout wardrobe. I should also share one of the home workout circuits that first put my Hyba gear to the sweat test. I will say they passed with flying colours. As mentioned, the clothing is breathable, lightweight and ultra comfy throughout an entire sweat session. Here’s the circuit I completed and I encourage you to give it a go too:

10 x Squat Jumps

20 x Walking Lunges

20 x Step Ups (onto Bench)

10 x Dips off Bench

30s Plank (off bench)

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 4 more times.


Hyba active

If you’re looking to spruce up your workout wardrobe, check out Hyba for some great pieces that can allow you to move in style and comfort!

Trisha Hyba Selects WEB-4887.jpg

Photography by: Jeremie Dupont