No Summer Camp? No Problem!

Don’t feel bad about missing the early bird sign up for all the summer camps because you’re definitely not alone. Plus, researching all the options, coupled with all the summer camp talk amongst the other mamas in your neighbourhood, can get pretty overwhelming. Some camps also come with a hefty price tag! School is quickly coming to an end and you might be wondering how to keep your mini busy all summer long. You might have a cottage planned one week and a few play dates lined up, but what about every other day?

I decided to write this post to share 10 easy ideas that will keep your kiddies active, busy and most importantly, having fun here in Toronto! Sure, there will always be room for ice cream and popsicles this summer, but I'm all for trying to keep them moving, their brain working … and doing activities that won’t break the bank!

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1. Go (Scavenger) Hunting and Hiking

Take the kids to the Evergreen Brickworks where they can participate in an organized scavenger hunt on site that is completely free. The kids get moving and learn at the same time. If a scavenger hunt isn’t their cup of tea, opt for a light hike there instead. 

2. Playground Crawl Over Pub Crawl

Remember those pub crawls back in your University days? This time, pack a picnic, lots of water and create a playground crawl for your little ones. They love the adventure and playgrounds never get old.

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5. Cook up a Storm

Get their little hands working in the kitchen, as well as their creativity! Pull a few simple recipes from your archives and get messy in the kitchen. You can even start at your grocery store having them find all the ingredients. Finish by enjoying the dish for dinner!

6. Only the Best at Kids Fest

For only $5, your little ones can get their theatre game on at KidsFest! And just next door, you can get them moving at KidsFest Club (entry by donation) where there are always different activities, workshops and a whole lot of outdoor fun!

7. Put the Pedal to the Medal

Pack a lunch and go for a ride with the kids on one of our city’s many bike trails. Here are a few to consider:

  • Toronto Central Trail
  • Toronto Islands
  • High Park
  • Don Valley Trail
  • Waterfront Trail
  • Etobicoke West

8.  Make Sunday a Fun Day

If you have a child under 12, a visit to the Gardiner Museum is free on Sunday (between 11-3pm)! There is always so much to do that’ll keep your kids moving and their brains working too!

9. Go Green or Go Home!

Gardening is surprisingly an incredible workout and one the kids love. Get them involved with picking what to plant in your backyard and then get digging! 

10. Neighbourhood Obstacle Course

This is a simple activity that kiddies always love! Set up a safe, but challenging obstacle course in the hood and invite a few families to come out for a morning of training!