Our Go-To Hairstyles for a Sweat Session

workout hairstyles

Are you tired of the same boring ponytail or top knot during your sweat session? I know the priority is exercise and not exactly winning top hairstyle award at the gym, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to manage unruly hair during your workout while taking your regular pony up a notch.  We are so excited about our partnership with Goody that in today’s post you will find our favourite ways to style our hair while we sweat. Plus, I’ll also share a workout that we did to put these hairstyles to the test.

Sporty & Chic

Confession: I love the messy mom bun and my hair often ends up this way regardless if I’m working out or not. In my opinion, the high bun is sporty and chic! Nonetheless, here are three ways you can take this look and the traditional pony to the next level:


This is the easiest and quickest way to change up a regular pony or top knot; literally just throw on a colourful headband and viola! The Goody Ouchless Girls Headwraps are perfect for adding that pop of color or for a good matching accessory with your outfit! Another option is to put on a cute baseball cap and pull your pony through the gap at the back. Done and done!


When in doubt, do a braid. It will instantly give you that polished look; not to mention, it will keep fly aways out of your face during a sweat session.

Here’s how:

Divide hair into three parts

Make sure the three parts are equal. Hold the left section with your left hand and the right section with your right hand. The middle section can be held between two fingers of your right hand.

Weave hair into the middle

Cross the left section over the middle section (the left section now becomes the new middle section), switching it from your left to your right hand, then cross the right section over the new middle section, switching it from your right to your left hand. Continue until all the hair is braided.
Tip: Always begin with smooth hair so use a quality brush, like Goody’s Ouchless Girls Hairbrush, to get out all the tangles and knots.

Secure with hair elastic

Once you’ve braided the entire length of the ponytail and you reach the end, secure the bottom of the braid with a hair elastic. Slideproof Silicone Elastics from Goody are great because they help hold the braid in nice and snug. 

braided hair

Segmented Ponytail

If you’re not down with braids, an alternative is the segmented ponytail. It makes for a cute sporty look, but it’s also great for outside of the gym! What is it exactly?  It’s a ponytail with hair ties tied at even intervals down the length of the tail, creating a beautiful sectioned effect. 

Here’s how:

Slick back the front and sides of your hair using the Ouchless Girls Hairbrush and pull it back into a high pony at the crown. Secure the ponytail into segments using Ouchless Elastics. I typically do three to four small segments for my mini since her hair is fairly long.

segmented ponytail

Braided Bun

If you’re on the braid bus, but want to dazzle up your high bun just take your braided ponytail and spin it up into a bun on the top of you or your daughter’s head. Secure with Goody’s Colour Collection Bobby Pins and just like that you have a fancy braided bun!

top knot
braided bun

Sweating in Style

This all sounds lovely, but what matters most is putting these simple hairstyles to the test with a home workout routine. Here’s what we did:

10 x Burpees

15 x Split Squats (each leg)

20 x Walking Lunges

25 x Bodyweight Squats

30s 90 Degree Wall-Sit

Rest 60s and repeat 4 more times. After completing the full circuit and a stretch, we found that each style held strong through the sweat. Give it a try yourself and put these workout hairstyles to work!

family fitnesss
goody hair

 Photography by Jeremie Dupont