Promises To My Baby Noa ....

To My Dear Baby Noa,

You are 8 months old today and I still feel like pinching myself. I remember in the days trying for you I vowed so many things to the Universe. I made promises to you before you were even here. Now that I can hold you and kiss you, I want you to know that those promises are ones I will keep…

Mommy and Daughter.jpg


I promise to trust you. I promise to let you try new things and figure it out. I will support you and trust that you will know what to do.

I promise to listen and let you speak your mind. I promise to practice patience when you are upset. I promise to let you grow at your own pace and nourish your strengths. 

I promise you a life full of laughter and fun. I vow to be a good role model and motivate you to be active even when we are stuck at home. I promise to introduce you to different sports and activities and let you discover what you love most. 

I promise to be honest with you. Sometimes this might be hard and hurt, but I promise to be as open as I can. 

I promise to keep you safe while still letting you be independent. I promise that you can tell me anything and I will never look at your differently. 

I promise to be present even on the busiest days. I will always make time for you.

But of all the promises (some still not listed here), I vow to always celebrate YOU. Not just on your birthday, but every single day. I promise to say I love you daily and show you love in all its magical forms. I promise that this love is one you will not only shared in our home, but you will feel in every part of your heart. 



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