Review: Baby Monitor … See More. Hear More. Worry Less.

Have you ever spent time in the baby monitor aisle only to leave the store feeling confused and overwhelmed? I’ve been there too. Also, a lot has also changed since Harper was a baby, so I had to really do my homework. 

Out with the Old.

When Noa was born, my brother had gifted me with a baby monitor and I graciously accepted it. However, as thankful as I was, the baby monitor was nothing to brag about. I won’t mention any names, but I spent half the time trying to connect the monitor to the camera because it would always indicate on the screen: “lost connection”. Ahhhh, it was the worst! Try sneaking into a sleeping baby’s room fumbling with the camera trying to get it to function – not fun. We all know the rule: Never wake a sleeping baby. Let’s just say I broke this rule a few times having to go into baby Noa’s room to fix our video monitor. I had enough!

In with the New! 

After being fed up with my current video monitor, I started doing my homework on every baby monitor on the market. Fortunately, since partnering with Babies”R”US Canada, I learned about the Safety 1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor Camera and Smart Audio Unit. This monitor was like the God of baby monitors because it allows you to stay connected with your little bundle of joy wherever you go. Yes, you read that right! It’s because you can see and hear more than ever right from your own phone.

There are so many features I could mention that made this baby monitor come out on top in my opinion and only a few things that I would say to be wary of. Read on for my full review!


 See More.

When I was in the market for baby monitors, so many of them claimed to be high definition. However, it’s only this particular Safety 1st baby video monitor that has a high definition 720p resolution camera; it uses less data, WiFi and power when compared to other video baby monitors. This means you can stream live video without any of the lag you might experience with other WiFi video baby monitors. What’s more, you can get up to 15 feet infrared ultra-clear night vision, plus 5x digital zoom. So even late at night in the darkest nurseries, you can still see what’s going on! Psst … the Safety1st HD WiFi Baby Monitor Camera also has a 130° super wide angle to minimize blind spots and give you full view of the nursery without panning and tilting. Amazing, right?

The one thing I should mention when it comes to the camera is that the LED blue light is quite bright. Unfortunately there is no way to turn this off, so if your child really likes to sleep in a dark room, this is something to consider with this baby monitor. It can also act like a night light if that’s something you like or feel your baby needs


Hear More.

This is where this baby monitor stood out for me. It features noise and motion activated technology. Truth: I had no idea what this even meant. But when I started using the monitor, I was 100% sold. It basically stays in quiet mode until sound or motion is detected and when noise is detected, audio is streamed from the nursery to the Smart Audio Unit. Not to mention, there’s a light ring indicating that motion or sound has been detected. Make sure to use the app too because you can also get motion and sound alerts sent right to your phone. You can also customize how much or how little you want to notified. 


Worry Less.

Seeing and hearing more is one thing, but something that makes this video baby monitor one of kind is the enhanced security chip. It sets up a separate firewall between the monitor and the home’s Internet connection to ensure true privacy. 

I’ve only discussed a few features that I love, but I could go on and on. There was only one other issue I had with the monitor besides the bright light and that was the initial connectivity to the app. I ended up having to call the Support Line for help. After numerous attempts from both my husband and myself, we were able to connect! I think a lot of the issue had to do with our router and ensuring our Wi-Fi was not connected to the 5G network. After that small hurdle, it was smooth sailing!

Overall, with the Safety 1st HD WiFi video baby monitor I have to say I have way more peace of mind. It has been awhile since I’ve been this satisfied with a baby product and I am so happy I can share this review with you, so that you can experience the difference too.


 Photography by: Jeremie Dupont