Sometimes Mama Needs a Fresh Start

In motherhood we often feel like we need a fresh start. Some mornings this moment begins in the shower and this is where we take that time to decompress, ground ourselves and set the tone for the day ahead. 

Mother and daughter

We’ve partnered with Olay again to talk about their amazing Fresh Outlast Collection. Collaborating with Olay on this campaign was a natural fit because the shower is truly a place for me to recollect myself, as mentioned earlier, and a beautiful scent completes this experience. True story – even if my shower is 5 minutes long, there are 3 other things I will always do in addition to my regular shower routine:

1.      I rehash my to-do list.

I remind myself to pick up my dry cleaning, go for a workout on my lunch hour and to take my mini to her swimming lessons that afternoon.

2.     I meditate.

I’m serious... this happens. Try repeating a simple mantra a few times just to reset and gain focus for tackling the day’s tasks.

3.     I stretch.

Sounds a tad bit hilarious, but I do small stretches to get my blood flowing and truly wake up my insides! Even merely extending your arms up and above your head is a great way to stretch and release tension in your upper back.

healthy family

To support a positive experience with the above, it’s always SCENT that seals the deal. The Olay Fresh Outlast Collection features six premium scents all of which my daughter and I love. The Energizing Lime and White Tea and Cooling Strawberry and Mint are Harper’s favourites! I can’t decide which I like most, but I would have to agree with Harper on the Energizing Lime and White Tea scent!

Olay’s Scent For Every Shower

Some days you need a relaxing scent to calm your nerves and other times, an energizing scent will complement your morning mood. The complete Fresh Outlast Collection has a scent for every shower and need:

-        New Purifying Birch Water & Lavender

-        Energizing Lime & White Tea

-        Cooling Strawberry & Mint

-        Invigorating Champagne Mango & White Ginger

-        Crisp Pear & Fuji Apple

-        Soothing Orchid & Black Currant

What’s more, these refreshing body washes are designed to work with your skin’s natural pH. They also contain three times more mild cleansers than before – we love the new formula! This also allows you to cleanse and hydrate dry skin better than ever before.

scented body wash

Check out your local drug and food stores for The Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash Collection and get your fresh start in the shower!

Photography by Elaine Fancy