Sweat. Nurse. Repeat.

I’m slowly getting back to more regular activity since having my second baby and I have to admit, finding workout clothing for the nursing mother is not an easy task. I also was not going to settle for wearing some of my regular activewear to a mommy and mini Barre class because the thought of having to breastfeed afterwards in a regular sports bra frightened the heck out of me. Have you tried holding that tight band up over your boob with one hand while also trying to securely feed your baby with the other? It takes major skills and I was not up for that challenge.  The universe must’ve been listening because that’s when I was introduced to Cadenshae


Game Changer For the Active Mama

When you think maternity activewear, you usually envision large and obvious flaps made for nursing, coupled with a style dated back to the 80s. No thank you. Finally, I discovered an active line that was made specifically for mothers that I am not embarrassed to wear outside of my house. 

The reality is that prior to the launch of Cadenshae in Canada in September 2017, there was no dedicated sportswear line for moms in the country. Wearing Cadenshae really helps me feel like me again! I can nurse baby Noa after our yoga class or after going for a long stroll with way more ease. Their hoodies, tops and tanks allow complete access that is discreet, which leaves me feeling confident instead of anxious. From Cadenshae’s clip downs to zip downs … I have only two words: Game changer.


Made for Moms by a Mom

Now that I am a mama of two there are many things I come across that could be so much better if developed by a mother. Let’s face it, being a mother is hands down the best job in the world, but it is certainly one of the toughest. With that said, anything that can make our life easier is a big bonus. Like re-sealable snack containers and velcro running shoes, right? The woman behind Cadenshae knew exactly what to design for the active nursing mother because she was a mom herself. Plus, she was a personal trainer and saw the struggles that mothers faced in her fitness classes. As a result, Cadenshae was born. 



We’ve been hearing a lot about ‘self-love’ lately, but often we talk the talk and don’t walk the walk. To me, self-love includes committing time to take care of myself, whether that’s attending a midday yoga class or going for a much-needed manicure, as well as investing in essentials that make my life simpler. Cadenshae makes #momlife easier! 

Today there are a lot more maternity activewear options on the market, but they aren’t all created equal. Cadenshae is a premium nursing sportswear that I am proud to support. If you are an active mom and looking for stylish, yet still comfortable and functional clothing to support your healthy lifestyle, check out the collection here. Mamas, now you can finally sweat, nurse and repeat … with ease.


Photography by: Leon Chai