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Arm Yourself, Mamas!

Sure, we lug around a heavy diaper bag all day and maneuverer busy malls carry a toddler, but sometimes this just isn’t enough to tighten that arm jiggle us moms often complain about. Tank top season might be over here in Toronto, but that doesn't mean you give up on toning those arms of yours. Last summer we shared this post on the Lot801 Blog so just in case you missed it, I want to make sure you're in the loop with three moves you can do to help you achieve shapely toned arms. Who wouldn’t kill for arms like celebrity moms Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker? Me please! Not to worry, this doesn’t involve rushing to your local gym and lifting dumbbell after dumbbell; these moves can be done right at home (with no weights required) and hopefully you’ll be sporting a tank top with confidence in no time!

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Arm Yourself, Mama!

Did you know that almost all mothers out there complain about flabby and out-of-shape arms?! You're not alone because this is an area of concern for many ... especially us moms. Despite lifting and lugging a diaper bag, a toddler and loads of groceries on the daily, we still want to tighten and tone our arms. Those tasks alone are a pretty decent arm workout, but if you want to get serious about shaping those arms of yours here are a few simple exercises you can try all in the comfort of your own home!

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