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"Mommy Time" is a MUST!

I know how challenging it can be to allow yourself some well-deserved mommy time, but it's absolutely necessary for your mental health. Pampering yourself, whether it's a mani and pedi at your favourite salon or a solo coffee break at your local cafe, it is so important to give yourself that down time. Sure, that 'mom guilt' is real, but it actually shouldn't be. You deserve a little TLC too and it will improve your mood and keep you sane! Plus, your family deserves mommy at her best. 

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Healthy Clean Hands = Healthy YOU!

It’s that time of the year when my mini is coming home every other week with a dreadful sniffle or nasty cough. I’ve made hand washing a big deal in our household because so many viruses can be carried via hands, ranging from the common cold virus to more serious ones. Germs are no joke and my daughter, like every toddler, gets her hands into and onto everything … from workout equipment at our gym to the magazines at our local coffee shop. I’ve emphasized how important it is to get into the healthy habit of washing her hands for more than 20 seconds.

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The Benefits of the (Baby) Cobra

I'm no yogi, but the cobra pose is a move that we love! It helps alleviate back pain and helps to stretch out our abdomen muscles. This is a mommy approved move, but of course always get approval from your doctor and/or pelvic floor physiotherapist! This pose, otherwise known as bhujangasana or the snake pose, not only helps relieve pain in the back, but it also helps with uneasiness in the muscles of the neck and abdomen. I should also mention that the cobra pose helps to manage stress, anxiety and depression!

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We Sweat Together ... and Dine Together!

One thing I will never deny is my love for food! Yes, I make an effort to exercise effectively and yes, I do eat healthy - packing my meals and snacks when I go off to my full-time job. But sometimes, I need that break from the kitchen and need to enjoy some down time with girlfriends. 

This is exactly why when I heard about President's Choice launching Babylicious that I had to get a bunch of mommy friends together to dine at one of the city's finest French restaurants.

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