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The Post-Baby Body Problem Moms Don’t Talk About, But Should

This article I recently wrote was just featured on the Not So Mumsy Blog, but it's an important topic so I felt inclined to share it on my own blog too! For all you mamas, please (please) take the time to read this article.

The one concern I hear most about revolves around the tummy area. Mothers often ask, “why do I still look 6 months pregnant?” or “I have a pooch that won’t go away” or “I just want my pre-baby tummy back”. The mommy tummy is actually a ‘thing’ and is likely a result of a condition called Diastasis Recti Abdominis.

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Balance Your Hormones To Battle the Bulge!

After having a baby, our bodies naturally change. I’m a big believer in embracing our new and beautiful mom bods, but of course, we still want to be fit and feel our absolute best! But it’s not only our bodies that change, our hormones do too! If you’ve been fighting to reduce some belly fat, but have been unsuccessful, there is a good chance that your hormones are a big part of the equation. And sadly, hormone imbalances can get the best of us! If you missed this post on the Not So Mumsy blog, I am posting it here because this info is too good not to be shared!

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