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"This is How We Roll ...."

'This is how we roll' ... especially after last night's amazing adidas #HereToCreate class with Julian Ho at Totum Life Science. My mini couldn't attend and was pretty bummed about it. However, it was a great change for me to get a sweat on with other women in the city. Be sure to sign up next Thursday morning at 9 a.m. for your chance to join in on the fun (and sweat). PS - it's FREE!! Sign up at

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Fascial Stretch Therapy

How many of you mamas are rolling it out? I definitely don't use my roller as much as I should to help massage out that muscle tightness (my mini plays with it more than I do) and let’s be serious, what I really needed was some major work to strengthen, lengthen and basically balance out my entire body! I had my first Fascial Stretch Therapy session this past weekend with the amazing trainer, Sarah (IG: @thestretchtherapist) and it’s changing my life - how I walk, stand, and exercise.

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